Gründung einer europäischen Ayurveda-Ärztevereinigung

EURAMA will Gesetzesrahmen für eine sichere Anwendung des Ayurveda in allen EU-Staaten

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Dhanvantari taucht aus dem Milchozean auf, den Krug mit dem Nektar des Lebens in der Hand
Angesichts wachsender Lobby-Anstrengungen für eine EU-weite Regulierung - und damit teilweise auch Einschränkung - der Naturheilkunde wollen sich nun Ayurvedaärzte aus ganz Europa in einer gemeinsamen Interessenvertretung zusammenschließen.

Gründungsveranstaltung am Dhanvantari-Tag in Wien

Die European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA) soll am traditionellen Vedischen Feiertag für Dhanvantari, den mythischen Begründer des Ayurveda, am 26. Oktober 2008 in Wien gegründet werden.

Einladung an Ärzte aller Ayurveda-Schulen
23. September 2008

Invitation to Become a Founding Member of EURAMA - European Ayurveda Medical Association

Dear Doctor,
Respected Vaidya,

It is our great joy and honour to invite you to become a founding member of a new doctors` Association, EURAMA – European Ayurveda Medical Association, that will represent and expand Ayurveda in the European Union and beyond.

Why a new Ayurveda Medical Association?
During several presentations and meetings with senior officials and advisors of the EU and national governments in Europe, it was conveyed to us that Ayurveda could become officially accepted by governments and health insurances only through western-trained and licensed doctors. It has been made clear that the political influence of naturopaths, Ayurveda therapists, and other non-academically trained persons may not have the same recognition as medical doctors and their associations do.

Purpose of EURAMA
EURAMA is designed to facilitate the creation of a legal framework for the safe use of Ayurveda in all the countries of Europe. To achieve this goal, EURAMA will give special emphasis to scientific research and to providing standardised higher education and training for medical professionals, in Ayurvedic theory and clinical practice.

EURAMA will be an agent for the expansion of Ayurveda, facilitating thereby the work of Ayurvedic doctors and the utilization of the great wealth of Indian Ayurvedic preparations and food supplements in the European Union.

The proposed activities of EURAMA (to be passed by the Founding Assembly on 26.10.08) will be:
• To bring together Ayurveda doctors and associations across the European borders
• To promote the integration of Ayurveda in the health care systems of European countries
• To work for official recognition and application of Ayurveda as a holistic system of health care, including its diagnostic and therapeutic methods and its pharmacopoeia
• To ensure inclusion of Ayurveda in the frame of “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” (CAM) together with the modern medicine and scientific research, especially in those areas where the modern medicine does not fulfil its promises in terms of safety and effectiveness (i.e. prevention and treatment of chronic diseases)
• To activate all political and scientific means to support and facilitate the regulation and approval of Ayurvedic products in Europe.
• To serve as an information and consultation agency for European Ayurvedic doctors, governments, parliamentarians, and the media.
• To create a legal framework for safe application of Ayurveda

As you must be aware, there is a very strong lobby to influence the governments on the European level and also in almost every European country to change the legal situation and to restrict herbal medicines on the EU market. Therefore, Europe needs a united academic force to support the cause of Ayurveda health care.

It is our firm belief that through these activities, Ayurveda will gain the importance it deserves within the European health care systems. EURAMA invites all great minds – medical doctors licensed in Europe, Vaidyas with BAMS or Dr. Ayu diploma, and scientists – regardless of their education and school of thought within the field of Ayurveda, to participate in this great endeavour.

We would like to request your valuable cooperation in the efforts of EURAMA to achieve for Ayurveda the recognition it deserved and to remove all obstacles that may stand in the way of reaching the whole European population.

Inaugural Assembly on Dhanvantari Day – 26. October 2008 in Vienna, 9.30 am till 4 pm
The inaugural function will include lectures by internationally reputed scientists and doctors in the field of Ayurveda. The keynote address will be held by Prof. Dr. Gerry Bodeker. Other lectures will include topics such as the political and legal situation of Ayurveda in Europe, quality control and patient safety, etc. Political leaders of India and Europe will also address the Assembly.

The actual inauguration ceremony will take place at 2.30 pm – the proper time (Vedic Muhurta) recommended by expert Jyotishis from India.

The Inaugural Assembly will take place in the ARS Seminarzentrum ( located in the very center of Vienna. In close vicinity of the inaugural hall are the following hotels:
• Hotel Post Wien, DR 118 €; DR for single use 105 €; SR 78 € – (mention “M-Tours/EURAMA”). Address: Fleischmarkt 24, 1010 Wien,, Tel: +43 1 515 830, ***
• Novotel City Wien, double room ca. 140 €,, ****
• Hotel Am Parkring, double room ca. 150 €,, ****
• Hotel Stefanie, double room ca. 150 €,, ****
• Hotel Capricorno, double r. ca. 130 €,, ****
• Hotel Am Stephansplatz, double r. 150-210 €,, ****
• Hotel-Pension Arenberg, double r. 148 €,, ***

For convenient and discounted hotel reservation: or
For discounted flights try or The nearest low cost airport is Bratislava serviced by, for example, Ryan Air (10 € one-way flight ticket). The bus transfer from there to Vienna costs 10 € one-way (90 min.).

Please forward this announcement letter to your friends and colleagues. We would also very much appreciate if you can let us know to which individuals or organisation we should send this announcement.

For urgent questions regarding the inaugural assembly that cannot be resolved by e-mail, you can directly call our secretary, Mr. Sasha Ruzicka: tel. +43-680-3014316, mob. +49-176-61204053, or by skype “sasha1331”).

Looking forward to your response or suggestion,


On behalf of the Founding Committee:
Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger
Statuten der EURAMA in Deutsch

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